A Plethora of Limitless Ecstasy

Honer Richmont Mansions at Hitech City

TS RERA Reg. No.: P02400004513

Welcome to Honer Richmont, where opulence meets elegance in the lap of nature. Nestled amidst lush greenery, this magnificent project by Honer Homes redefines elevated living with its sprawling 5BHK mansions. Prepare to embark on a journey of iconic life and experience limitless abundance like never before.

Step into a world where every detail is meticulously crafted to perfection. The architectural design of Honer Richmont is a fusion of contemporary finesse and timeless grandeur. Each mansion is a masterpiece, boasting spacious interiors adorned with premium fixtures and finishes that exude sophistication.

Dive into the azure waters of the infinity pool, unwind at the rejuvenating spa, or engage in a friendly match at the squash court. Immerse yourself in the lush landscaped gardens and find tranquillity amidst nature. Honer Richmont offers the best amenities and helps you indulge in an unparalleled lifestyle.

Honer Richmont is not just a residence; it embodies elegance, luxury, and prestige. Elevate your living standards and create cherished memories that last a lifetime. Opt for a life of grandeur at Honer Richmont, where your dreams come to life.

Honer Richmont - An Iconic Representation of Quintessential Life

Architectural Marvel:

With its meticulous design and iconic villa plan - Honer Richmont stands tall and claims to be one of the finest mansions of Hyderabad.

Copious Lifestyle:

Embrace a life of abundance associated with lush greenery, ample open space and fresh air. With Honer Richmont, stay close to nature like never before.

Unique Villa Plans:

Honer Richmont is a project of exclusivity where each one of the 142 villas iconically represents plush, elegance and enchantment.

Dynamic Connectivity:

Located near Hitech City, Honer Richmont offers a life of seamless connectivity and convenience. Being close to offices, schools, shopping malls, healthcare facilities, and entertainment zone makes this project one of a kind.

Luxe Club:

Spread over 50,000 Sqft, Luxe is a premium Clubhouse offering an array of state-of-the-art amenities reflecting upon your quintessential lifestyle.

Assured Safety:

Home is where you feel the safest. Honer Richmont offers you a life in a gated community that is tailored to top-notch 24/7 security and thorough surveillance. Now let your kids roam free in the gardens and opulent parks and have the best time at home.

Soothe Your soul and mind at a safe abode closely associated with nature and copiousness. Spread over 28.4 Acres, Honer Richmont is a marvellous grandeur of 5BHK sprawling villas. The refined architecture of both mansions and beautiful landscapes offers state-of-the-art living and limitless opportunities to embrace abundance.

Why Choose Honer Richmont?

Honer Richmont, one of its kind Mega Mansions Community, is considered an exceptional landmark in signature lifestyle community living. These are homes, curated right in the heart of the city with lavish sizes to accommodate your larger-than-life stature. The 142 boutique mansions of Honer Richmont are designed to fill you with abundant natural elements like light, air and spaciousness. These mansions represent a life of iconic grace and convenience that offers a perfect life to its residents. Be it the private lawns or spacious rooms or lush terrace garden or an exclusive private theatre to spend quality time with loved ones - at Honer Richmont you will be free to do it as it is.

Discover a lifestyle of unparalleled luxury at Honer Richmont, where every moment is an experience to cherish. Come and be a part of this exclusive community, where dreams transcend into reality and indulgence truly finds its home.

A Sneak Peak of Honer Richmont

28.4 Acres
142 Designer Boutique Mansions
Island with Party Space
Welcoming Water Feature at Main Gate
9909 Sqft - 14221 Sqft unit sizes
5X9 Feet Entrance Door at each mansion
2.5 Acres Central Park
Designer Landscape with Waterscape
25 Feet Double Height Lobby

Honer Richmont - An Unmatched Life Awaits

As you enter Honer Richmont, you'll be captivated by its lush greenery, meticulously landscaped gardens, and meandering pathways that lead to each boutique mansion. The awe-inspiring exteriors showcase a perfect blend of contemporary design and classic aesthetics, creating an ambience of timeless beauty. Unwind, de-stress, rejuvenate, and choose a life of indulgence outward to inward with Honer Richmont.


After a tiring day at work, what would you prefer the most? Breaking some sweat at the gym and opting for a warm steam and sauna session or letting go of all the exhaustion through a thorough swim? Life at Honer Richmont is tailored with state-of-the-art amenities which pave your way to unwind seamlessly after a stressful day and help you relax.

  • Luxe Club
  • Swimming pool
  • Poolside party lawn
  • Pool deck
  • Gym with steam & sauna
  • Spa & salon
  • Yoga/Aerobic room
  • Squash
  • Bowling Alley
  • Creche
  • Cafeteria


Let go of stress, hardships and tensions you accumulate during the day’s hard work and choose a life of premium comfort at Honer Richmont. Be it ensuring physical well-being on the lap of nature or providing an open abundant space for children to play and grow gracefully - Honer Richmont has curated it all with mindfulness and the best of interests. Live a life that is healthy and smooth at Honer Richmont.

  • Outdoor fitness
  • Walking/Jogging track
  • Children’s play area
  • Skating rink
  • Multi-use plaza
  • Half Basketball court
  • Tennis court


Cherish your big days through grand celebrations with the people of your community and ensure the utmost comfort for your guests at Honer Richmont. This sprawling gated community is all about providing you and your guests with limitless luxury and the best time in a safe space.

  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Banquet hall
  • Business lounge
  • Guest suite room
  • Island with party space
  • Terrace party area
  • Tropical drive

Natural Indulgence

Embrace a life closely knitted with nature bestowing upon limitless natural elements like air, light, space and lush greenery. At Honer Richmont, we promise you a lifestyle that will enrich your thoughts, visions, and soul with the opulent environmental bliss.

  • Maze Garden
  • Meandering Watergarden
  • Reflexology
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sandpit
  • Youth Plaza

Honer Richmont - An Iconic Lifestyle Awaits

Embrace a life that offers iconic opportunities with Honer Richmont. Look no more. It is the home so exclusive that its design can surpass the limits of imagination and excellence. Step inside the enchanting arena of grace and extravagance - where your dreams meet with an iconic reality.